Nèèĺ Pöŕi

"He is very friendly and professional photographer. He knows how to make you comfort during the shoot. Very easy to get his directions and he works hard to get the best pictures of you."

Renee Sims

"Lucius was very friendly and professional, made me feel comfortable and gave lots of helpful guidance when needed. Loved the images I received!"

Beej Jay

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lucius! He made me feel very comfortable and I wasn't pressured into doing anything I didn't want to. He gave good direction and assisted in achieving the best. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Lucius"

Shannon Patterson

"Very talented and creative visionary. Definitely would work with him again and recommend anyone to do a shoot with him if they are looking for something different in their portfolio."

Sadie Elizabeth

"Lucius acts in a very professional yet relaxing manner. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I am more than pleased with the shots. Cheers!" 

Bonnie Lee

"Such an amazing photographer, very professional and friendly. Beautiful photos - such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend him"

Leah Velocity

"Lucius Grant was professional, fun to work with, and captured some wonderful moments. In a short time shooting, he was able to shoot many different styles and returned a great variety of images to me in a timely manner. And he seems to know the hidden gems of the Perth area, our beach location was not out of the way but pristine and private"

Kiwii Shiu

"So glad to have Lucius makes one of my "life project" which is nude photos of myself every year !! Those pictures are beautiful and amazing. I can see myself in different way and those photos made me more confidence of myself. You are excellent ! Thank you so much ! (how come I only can vote five stars .... )"

Bree Gregory

"Lucius Grant photography is amazing to work with and I love the images I received! Thank you for an amazing shoot"

Petrea Stregas

"Awesome photographer, lovely person and absolutely love collaborating with Lucius"

Brieanna Cox

"Great guy! Always amazing work. So friendly and comfortable to work with :-)
You're missing out until you work with him!!"

Skye McLachlan

"Was an absolute pleasure working with Lucius! Got photos back that day also wow!"

Nat Innes

"Absolutely phenomenal. Lucius and I go way back!! Did my first shoot with him 17yrs ago! His ability to see the magic in all things shines through in his work. An absolute professional, he knows how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with every shoot. I would work with him time and again, highly recommended!!"


Ellie Sequitin

"Would definitely recommend Lucius Grant photography!
Helped so much with guidance and the images turned out great!"


Tenille Flintoff - Makeup Artist

"Such a pleasure to work with Lucius. Have worked with him several times and will continue to work with him further assisting with hair and makeup. Lucius is extremely professional in both his work ethic and in his talented photography. A true artist!"

Ashleigh Ann Pratt - Makeup Artist

"Most professional photographer who can capture exactly the right angle and lighting. Cut above the rest!! Highly recommended A+++"


Tanya Krongård Pedersen

"Lucius was a blast to work with! He knows what he's doing and it shows in his work. I felt confident and comfortable during the shoot and in return the photo's turned out amazing, I didn't feel pressured or like a deer in headlight's, which has been my downfall/flaw in previous shoot's with other's. I'd recommend Lucius to anyone, especially to the people who may feel insecure about themselves or unsure, Lucius will guide you and help you through it to bring out the best in you :)"

Bianca Hazel

"Lucius was very professional and really great to work with! It was my first shoot and he really helped me and taught me a lot! I couldn't be happier with the photo's! Definitely recommend Lucius ! :)"

Alecia Wood

"Lucius is an amazing photographer! He really knows what he is doing and this shows in his photos. Lucius gave amazing direction throughout the shoot and the location was a gorgeous choice. Absolute pleasure to have as on of my first photographers! :)"

Christina De Silva

"Amazing photographer and very easy going and fun to work with. Lucius has a great eye and a lot of experience using the camera, and it shows in his work."


Aimee Lee - Model

"A must to share with all how great it was working along side Lucius Grant, His laid back yet professional style is fantastic, and he has such an eye for capturing the small natural details."